Thinking about the construction of new websites


had an idea to do a few sites to operate, but do not have the time, the other one is not too much money to invest, although the website I mentioned a website cost is not very high, but now just graduated from low wages, everywhere now said ant, dwelling, we are lucky to be out there is a stable job, but a month to pay the rent and living expenses, basically have no what the balance. After more than 4 months of accumulation, finally have surplus, so began new station construction. I spent the weekend buying two domain names and spaces, and everything was ready to wait for the operation.

The results of

I am ignorant, one is not available, although many online source code, any one can be used, if not related to security issues, and says some of the large open source software to do is relatively good. But now, completely different, and their own idea is to make what kind of station, and then according to this idea to find the program, this is a very difficult thing, it can be said that there is no possibility. For example, my delicacy net, my own personal idea is to do a professional in Yunnan delicacy website, Yunnan introduced the characteristics snacks, if this delicacy, but believe that many simple CMS system can, then I want to send cloth delicacy at this site inside the picture, system the function of most of the support, I also want to have a Q & A area, a very simple example is available to users advisory: what is the specialty of Yunnan? Kunming snack street where most of Kunming? What good? What is the characteristics of Kunming delicacy and so on these problems. After users ask questions, we collect information to answer, said here, found that a good support for this function of the system is relatively small, we are not talking about what, first of all continue my needs. There is also a very important requirement is to be able to release employment and recruitment information, and I want to do is cook Yunnan area professional recruitment information, I think now is the information in the refinement, Chinese reappear after large portal sites around the country have produced a lot of portal website, and now have more fire. At the same time; all walks of life have also appeared in their industry website, and regional industry on the basis of all. You can say that the trend now is to refine, so I’ll refine my ideas. These are all my needs, or a definite need for the time being. But now, basically, there is no system more appropriate. As a result, you can only spend your time looking for the right system.

but the trouble is not just about the system, but also about the website. I also feel very strange, just opened the day of my site is Baidu presence, if people are too happy, but I was so upset, because I have nothing to think about web application problems, the day before finishing the space, resulting in the opening of the Baidu space page collection now, I put up the procedures for almost half a month, the results.

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