Webmaster network business success should have the spirit


network (www.bestb2b.com) as being the webmaster, in the field of network also has experienced a lot of sour, sweet, bitter, hot wrote the day before yesterday I stood, was expelled from Baidu to PR4 and Baidu included 2 billion experience a lot of praise, I don’t know what to say here, today I want to talk about some of the spirit of stationmaster of entrepreneurship, only representative personal views, please criticism.

1: to have enduring stamina and indomitable spirit, even if the site of traffic decline, but also to adhere to update every day.

2: have time and the spirit of the game, a struggle in the network industry but not for time or refuse to race with time people will not be successful, on the Internet, everyone is equal, only to struggle against time to succeed.

3: Web site content is not "enough", "adequacy", for a dynamic website, the fresh blood is every essential nourishment! Do must ensure that the emergence of a large number of fresh information in our own web site every day for our webmaster, this is the basis of network business.

4: to the development direction of time research network, but as a personal webmaster can not just the "times", sometimes watch is a kind of spirit.

5: we should always pay attention to the national policy, and the websites which the state develops vigorously will be more promising.

6: it’s important to pay attention to regulating your personal emotions and mental states.

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personally, I always adhere to the above principles, so my hobby network has now been indexed by BAIDU for about 200 thousand pages, and PR is 4.

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