The theme of Lu Songsong blog user experience and details


must write blog, want to do a good job blog, not a few do not know lu. Lu Songsong blog, which has become a blog brand, is familiar to you. Its blog blog in the form of exchange visits, to achieve high levels of blog traffic, popularity, high realm. And behind this, you may ignore a behind the force: his blog theme.

from his blog theme architecture, SEO, user experience can be described as grade.

below, I will talk about features from the recent usage and observation.

navigation bar, menu settings,

you do not know whether there is usually a feeling like this, with a blog, even though the writing is more formal moment of the article, and also want to write their own life, or non technical thoughts ". And the content of the blog is too formal, see a lot of people, even if you want to write, and put the columns together, I always do not feel good. Like the Moonlight blog and Mou Changqing’s blog, there’s a one level directory to write about life or some very technical stuff. In the theme of Lu Songsong’s blog, there are two types of navigation, the left one, and the large font. Put some main columns and menus. On the right, in small letters, the space between them is narrowed. Put some columns of life, feelings and observation articles. It can be said that Lu Songsong blog theme of this little idea, relatively perfect solution to the above difficulties.

‘s most active friend in 30 days,


is the blog message exchange, but how long to continue to let visitors to message to increase popularity?. May think Lou loose this problem, how to let visitors (mostly bloggers) continued to voluntarily blog, he thought of a good solution dedicated to connect the station (no home, but also a big problem). Webmaster to message, also is not to a chain, so Lu Songsong gave the station the links give out, although it is devoted, but not unconditionally: you have to continue the recovery, as long as a period of time will not relax, then you may suddenly lose the whole station (this is the link the vast). Some forum reply message signature also adopts this approach, such as the PW forum. Put the link consumption points, not the forum posted on integral link is meaningless. Lu Songsong transplants this function to the blog message, may say is a big innovation.

visitor message details processing

because Changsha SEO this station is a new station, the article is not difficult, for Changsha SEO, the most important thing is the chain. So after I left some time on Lu Songsong’s blog, I wanted to send out a separate link, but my wish came to nothing. Others work, tragedy. Now most of the messages are to use successful messages, and then send another message, there is no need to review. So is Lu Songsong. Think of this, I am in front of the regular positive message, so I want to send one or two separate links. And my single link message is not >

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