What will the nternet company do in 2009


has been in the Internet company since two years and six months. I have a little understanding of the Internet company. Today I share my experience with you.

in recent days really naughty, is probably the economic crisis was naughty, restless market suddenly becomes the whole mess. The Internet company overflowed and the customers were gone. The economic crisis, and to make only superficial changes. The company that I lead is the world wide power. When the company was founded, it was positioned as an Internet Marketing Planner, serving the vast number of enterprises, and making a comprehensive network marketing plan for the company’s image, brand and products. The market has opened a lot, the fault is that the lack of promotion of their own. So, let some obscure small company or individual grab the opportunity. This is a what kind of form, the network company spread even further, there are two simple reasons, first, some companies pay attention to the production site marketing website marketing website publicity, so the notice SEO put up a pageantry, (search engine optimization) and up to SEO. Second, the economic crisis, ah, no money, the new year’s total can not do it, then grab customers chant, signed a list of the first payment, a degree of difficulty is always not a problem. Who will believe us then?. Finish the task, the network company said no problem, wrapped in us, keywords low price sign, the effect does not appear, and of course! These are not my false made up, the market is like this, because some small companies do not want to give us the basic contract, let me give refused, operation of the company for nearly four years is not easy, not ask for it.

"do what you do best," and forget what the lyrics are. So, 09 years, I worked out a whole new operation plan. Take a few steps.

first, instead of telemarketing, follow the road of word of mouth marketing. Before, my company’s marketing model is mainly engaged in telephone marketing, without leaving home, the effect is still OK, but to change the time, so I should pay attention to word of mouth marketing. Hard brand, high-end service. Prefer to create the best, perfect, not to mold N flaws. Service moved customers.

second, network and entity combine. The use of regional resource advantages, and local entities combined marketing, which shows that I want to set up the Department of e-commerce. You can think so, I do a website to the customer how much money? Generally around 5000 yuan, I can through the network marketing Commission took more than this number? We know more about network marketing than customers, not like this? Say, money, Why not??

third, integrated companies, positioning and enterprise packaging. The original company had these operations, but they failed to do so. This is also the resources gathered make only superficial changes when. The company will refine the Department, from the graphic design department, network marketing department, media advertising department, office software department four aspects, and fully play the role of enterprise packaging company. This means that not only is the enterprise network packaged, but the enterprise

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