See the sea inside and outside the terminal on the 3 letter domain name how to task


renamed China ( April 27th – in the new DN list, we can see that the 3 letter domain name for $290 thousand, nearly 1 million 800 thousand yuan price from many of the world trade in talent shows itself to win the title. Domain name investors valued so 3 letter domain name, and what are the terminal of it is entrusted with the task of


No. 1,, Jingdong,

in the high-profile Jingdong replaced 2 letter domain name, and with the promotion of the high cost of the province, in the electric business promotion Yuezhanyueyong, line providers, Jingdong rival shop also sit still, then put on a suit than the original brand name spelling is more simple and easy to remember Trying not to fall behind in the domain.


: shop number

shop to send 3 letters against Jingdong, was a senior people in the industry said that this is a right choice, according to the Alexa query, does deliver the goods, the average daily IP (Zhou Pingjun) was 3 million 330 thousand, the average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) up to 26 million 640 thousand. bet millions of on

, and in the same year on the 1st store for the domain name, also with the mainstream high-profile enabled 3 letter short domain name, change the use of years of combination domain name When the news came out, the industry was shocked, especially after the news that for ruthless hit $2 million, about 12 million yuan later.



in a 3 letter domain and ten million yuan price of, and whether it benefits from the domain name on the body? It is reported that, for, only 4 months after the market has been rising, becoming the fourth largest Internet Co. And query Alexa, domain name average daily IP (Zhou Pingjun) is 1 million 980 thousand, average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) 25 million 740 thousand, in a public electronic business platform, excellent performance.

in addition to the electricity supplier on 3 letter names so pay to the task, the domestic well-known brand of UAV Xinjiang innovation of the 3 letter domain name is also very seriously, had spent $300 thousand, about 1 million 840 thousand yuan to compete from overseas bought and enabled to build overseas website. The developers of ShareSDK service platform has the largest Weiqi brand from overseas $220 thousand, about 1 million 370 thousand yuan to buy back the domain name platform.

overseas, Qatar National Bank is also big for the 3 letter domain name

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