Ni Yeming do some of the results of the Forum promotion summary


forum for the promotion and marketing, the first to introduce my experience, I do 3 years of bamboo in Changzhou long lane forum Hualong, I start from the 08 year on the lane, this year has been a full 4 years.

when I start to help users to answer questions in the forum of the computer section, and then slowly in the forum section has a certain reputation, you can take some of the list to do, but I will not give up on this later. For the forum, I think we should do the following, we should not have a good harvest:

1. Correctly understand the forum and promote

1. Forum promotion is not mass advertising, a little better forum will be deleted. Forum without deletion is definitely useless, forum

2. Forum promotion lies in quality, not in quantity, posting quantity is not our purpose, our purpose is to achieve reservation effect. So, as long as you can achieve the effect, even if a paste is also successful

The essence of

3. Forum promotion is interactive, not a person talking to himself, the forum is characterized by interactive, so for BBS promotion, only attracted the attention of the user, is the success of

two, Forum promotion process: understand the needs, prepare materials

1. understands the purpose of

What products does

promote and what are its goals?. Traffic or sales. Related to the future strategy, such as only to do the chain, regardless of the content is good or bad, as long as you can stay outside the chain of forums. If sold, the content is important,

2. understand product

what are the advantages of our products? What are the disadvantages? Users of the product is that group of people? What is our product highlights? Those highlights can impress the users? Our products can help them solve what problem? According to the product, and to find the user into the product highlights in the content of

3. understands user

Who is the

of the target users, users gathered in the forum? What do users in the forum users? What kind of love? What kind of resources? What kind of content? The most common problems in user groups are those? Who is the most need to solve? Which we can solve them according to who? The user according to the needs of the organization to find the characteristics of the forum, users

4. knows about opponent

competitors have not done a similar promotion? How to if done? How about the operation of the whole process? How much manpower? Is there something we can learn from the


three, familiar with target forum

1. forum rule

2. edition features

3. user features

4. registered vest, mixed face cooked

four: prepare content to write >

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