What users need is not privacy t’s the right to make a choice



the world is "correct" and "positive" midswing, "privacy" is becoming a new craze, if you do not support, so that the privacy Voyeur "accomplice", Microsoft, Google, YAHOO Facebook, they will collect the information to the government and terror they will destroy the common molecules, we have a better world.

that is not the case, we need to know three things: 1, for those companies that use our privacy to make a lot of money, they will pay more attention to privacy than our own, because our attention is a personal privacy and user privacy is the foundation of their business model, if the data was leaked, angry and questioned all users, will let them enjoy the "negative overnight" pleasure, domestic CSDN leak time is a precedent.

2, the same choice means to give up, when you select the "Do Not Track", means that Baidu, Sina micro-blog Google, they can no longer provide personalized advertising for you, they can’t be you dig more valuable information, they can’t even get in your area, because this is the privacy. If you fill in manually, it means higher usage costs and lower accuracy.

3, privacy is a constantly being re defined, in the absence of family and personal concept of primitive society, we do not know what is called personal privacy; before the Internet, we do not know what the Internet privacy, what is the IP address, Cookies. Today, the privacy we know may become tomorrow’s information everywhere; the things we do not care about today may be defined as privacy some day.

today, YAHOO has done a cheerful thing, IE 10 is enabled by default "Don Not Track", a YAHOO spokesman said: go to your "Don Not Track", we don’t bird you. They mention a key thing that needs to be consistent with the user’s true will". Considering these three things, there may be users willing to "privacy" to be collected, and then exchange for a more easy-to-use product experience.

The potential language is: Microsoft YAHOO spokesman

you are a feather when the arrow, you can not on behalf of the user. This seems to represent the majority of advertisers and browser vendors, they are willing to choose whether to be tracking the right to consumers, but they do not want consumers to sleepwalk on the choice of the "shield", just because of the so-called experts and lawyers said, the Internet will hurt future possibilities. Whether you are willing to admit that the privacy information of big data = = = money, civilization parlance called "business model", countless people from consumption and profit.

what’s the logical thing to do? Perhaps it’s like Android’s permission control, using a.

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