Thinking about the prospect of county local station grasp today’s tomorrow tomorrow


April 17th estrus an article four years of operation of local station share is mainly on the development of Yongcheng information port, to tell the truth, although the style is not too good, but it is indeed the truth my four years as a local station, especially at the station, I think the main station or to the many individual grassroots webmaster, the situation is not very optimistic, owners did not reach the early site would like to earn a lot of money, of course, in general, by a variety of ways to earn enough money for the domain name and virtual space cost! I want to master does not want to stay to maintain this situation. Therefore, the prospects of the website in the end, I personally thought and the future to do, to communicate with you, I hope we focus together!


one, seize today’s "pre Yue" tomorrow,

I have always been the same thinking, that is, persistent mentality, website, the important thing is to have a common heart, but also to adhere to, this is the only magic weapon, is a spirit. Since today to make a station, it cannot be of two minds, publicity, this is your work experience has been accumulated and summarized, which is the capital of your success in the future, but also to your competition weight, personally think that there is no intention of the original capital, want to a foothold in the network, it is really hard to


two, site positioning decided to

some webmaster, including me, began to want to build their own web site, how huge, beautiful?. This idea is not wrong, but if there is the possibility of success in the 10 years ago, now really difficult, some friends to build a portal website, publicity, the user opens after do not know what the site’s purpose is, rather than what is rather than what are not, by the philosopher said bright, very, become dark! In view of this situation, I strongly recommend that the purpose of the site is very clear, let users come to your website to know what to do, a special web site is very popular in places! This is the preliminary work required that


when the site to a certain extent with visibility, and gradually expand the scale, in addition to those functions you had again add some content, this can increase the popularity, I do now for four years the station of Yongcheng information port is the form, let others feel not only is the hard truth, thinking that is the use of classified information to show the core portal form


three, profit model must not be single

bluntly, do stand to mind perhaps is your hobby, but not necessarily benefit the hobby often becomes what the clouds, so you need to put the website in some cases to bring you a little benefit, so that we can go further. Some people read that this is nonsense, we all know what to say, this is just to prepare for the site of the people say, then our station development to some extent, how to profit, simple discussion:

The initial

1. website first to do some alliance, do alliance must see, not empty, do.

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