Small town forum website details determine success or failure


            my place is a small county, small to what program?. Can I read an article written before the "small town web site + Forum mode operation experience". BBS promotion articles in the network search, I do not know how many, but these articles are mostly stereotyped. What QQ group promotion, mail bulk, friendship links, BBS promotion, blog promotion and so on. But most of them speak generally. Everybody knows that. In the next forum in Anyuan, on-line, a month’s look, although a short period of time. But also to the local Forum promotion experience. Small town forum, we extend the user groups are generally local residents and villagers in the field. But today I’m talking about things are very fine, very fine section, and I hope to help small town forum webmaster. The main points are as follows:

1, hold QQ mail time,

this time is important. What time is good? Of course, the best time to get on the Internet is the best. According to my analysis, usually around 5 p.m., the number of QQ more. Why? Because around 5 is the time for work. Most people are tired at this time, and do not want to work. So most people will open QQ to chat. This is not an on-line to see the local mail, can not open a look? If you are the morning mail, because everybody morning are busy working, even see your mail will not necessarily have the time point of view. Time is up. Can only show more people who see your mail. But to attract others to click. It depends on the content.

2, with an attractive title and content,

what is attractive, according to my experience, some men and women marriage posts, some home news of people’s livelihood, production process some home made some small delicacy, when some things or pictures etc.. Note that these posts must be illustrated. Otherwise, it’s not attractive, and you can send some controversial posts. What kind of argument is there? This is how you can divide your visitors into categories. For example: Anyuan forum for a "non virgin all! When you confess" caused a lot of controversy, mainly because it is the user classified into the following categories: Virgin and non virgin, virgin and non virgin. At this point, these four types of people will fight. So our purpose is also reached. Note. Between three dozen five hair some, later, others see much. If you don’t, someone else will come. Here comes one. Don’t let your users walk aside.

3, retain users

may have some people to register your forum every day. At this time, as managers, we must welcome new people, so that new people have a sense of warmth, belonging. Otherwise, maybe register. Get out. My approach is to open a "household registration center" section in the forum. As soon as you sign up, guide the user to register there. However.

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