Novice contribution built the site since half a month experience


since the beginning on the Internet to see Wangzhuan, I still do not know what web site to make money, just have time to look at the little advertising. Of course, some advertising associations will show how much of your account you’ve just started, but when you really take the money, they’ll always find N reasons to refuse. After a few months of the so-called alliance Wangzhuan lose confidence, and later heard that their website can earn advertising fees, the beginning did not have money to buy the domain name and space, to apply for a free domain name.

used for a period of time found that many functions can not be achieved. I bought the domain name web site, although I do a lot of Web site, the current flow is not ideal, but I believe that it is just a matter of time, as long as they have to do after will succeed. "Well," said today, "this is not a good literary talent, it is not well written.". Please forgive me. My QQ:563131240

editorial comment: This paper although not what content, but you can see a new head of hardships and frustration in between the lines, you can believe that through their own efforts is not short, summing up the experience, hope your website can be better and better, thank you for your contribution in the webmaster network!


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