Migrating from S’s ASP to APACHE’s PHP


sees an article online today: "migrating from IIS’s ASP to APACHE’s PHP," which I think is totally misleading. This is not to say that Apache IIS or "good" or "bad", but the author from non professional perspective on the web server to a seemingly professional evaluation, actually a little later, may cause misunderstanding, source:


this paper I want to put some of my thoughts, try this article on the web server description does not match the responsibility to reduce the impact to a minimum (non technical web server market share is not the theme of our discussion):

looked at the article and whether you think "from IIS to Apache is simple? So what do you know about Apache? I can responsibly tell you that the problem looks far better than you imagined vastly more complex? You may be from a variety of sources that Apache can run on any operating system. Yes, this is true, but I tell you that the operating efficiency of Apache on Windows is not ideal, it is very bad, nothing will run smoothly in a non-native environment, performance is best, not superstition such as" Apache: ASP "," SUN ONE ASP "," iASP ". Those are cheap stuff, just imagine if you run".NET "in the Linux environment in the Linux community? What? A Linuxer basically will tell you two words:" idiot "


com+? What is this? "COM components use PHP to create ADODB can be used directly after the command, the calling method and ASP in exactly the same, exactly the same? I haven’t tried but this is definitely Arabian Nights, Microsoft will let you use PHP to create the COM components of ADODB is used cool? It doesn’t seem in line with Microsoft’s consistent style.

"ASP" and "PHP" are both easy to use web scripting languages, and there are currently third party programs that can convert ASP to PHP, such as free asp2php." That simple? How much do you know about PHP? You wrote a few lines of PHP code to solve the problem? Is the purpose, the code is a tool, PHP has a lot of success, the classic project case, which use simple tools can do complex things? As for the "free asp2php", ha ha, I hate the most this kind of curry favour by claptrap things.

I’ve been telling you for 10 years as a PHP programmer and honestly staying on your Windows or Linux platform. Don’t dream, no!

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