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last month at Taobao UED milk tea will share the theme. Organize it into words and share it with everyone.


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one, what is emotion


emotion is a physiological reaction of human beings to the external things. Is determined by needs and expectations. When such needs and expectations are met, pleasant and loving feelings are produced, whereas unhappiness and disgust are on the contrary.


two, what is emotional design


emotional design is just a creative tool to express and play the designer’s ideas and design purposes, and with the development of the times, this creative tool will become increasingly sharp.


in the "emotional design" in the book from the perspective of perceptual psychology reveals the human nature characteristics of 3 levels: the "reflection is instinctive behavior, and put forward the importance of the feelings and emotions to make decisions for the daily life of

three levels of design and product characteristics of the corresponding relationship:

instinctive level design – shape

The design of

behavior level – the fun and efficiency of using

reflective level design – self-image, personal satisfaction, memory,

instinctive level,

people are visual animals, and the observation and understanding of shape is instinctive. The more instinctive the visual design is, the more likely it will be to be accepted and loved.

behavioral level

The design of

behavior level may be the most important one we should pay attention to, especially for functional products, and the most important is performance. The use of the product is a series of operation, beautiful interface brings a good first impression could continue, the key depends on two things: if you can complete the task effectively, whether it is a fun experience, this is the behavior level design problems need to be solved.

4 aspects of the design of good behavior levels: functionality, understandability, usability, and physical perception.

reflective level,

The design of

‘s reflective level is related to the meaning of the goods, and it will be complex and change rapidly due to the influence of environment, culture, identity and identity. This level, in fact, relates to the long-term feelings of the customer and needs to build a long-term value of the brand or product. Only to establish emotional ties between products / services and users, through the interaction of self image, satisfaction, memory and so on, in order to form the brand awareness, cultivate brand loyalty, brand became the representative emotion or carrier.

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