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with the accelerated pace of information, web sites throughout the Internet each corner. Individuals and businesses have built up their own websites. How to build your website quickly and effectively?. Well, I would like to discuss with you today.

, domain name. A good domain name is very important. Domain names should be as short, simple and convenient to remember, so that users can be retained. Of course, now good to remember, with the characteristics of the domain name has been little, and this requires your own consideration, as long as there is a certain rule or user-friendly memory. To register the domain name to find the best well-known service providers or agents, and use their real identity information to register, to avoid unnecessary disputes later on.

two, space. For individual users, it is recommended to buy a virtual host. Pay attention to the relevant parameters when purchasing a virtual host. Such as space size, scripting languages, database types, and concurrent IIS connections. If the funds are more abundant, of course, you can also consider server sharing or VPS. Novice in the purchase of space, we must pay attention to the stability of space. For example, the new network China nets are a good choice.

three, website program. For those who started building new sites, because they do not have the ability to site programming, it is best to use the ready-made CMS program. The so-called CMS

is the content management system. With CMS program, the novice as long as a few static web templates, a portal level Web site out! Recommend using open source CMS program. Among them, dedecms, Empire, CMS, phpcms and so on, are good choices.

four, website design. After selecting a good program, you should design each template page of the website. It mainly includes column page, content page, list page and so on. Personal webmaster generally does not have professional art and program modification ability, the site is best to refer to the relevant CMS template production documentation. Of course, the novice can download the corresponding free templates according to their own needs, and also consider the custom CMS official service.

five, website update maintenance. Updating is a very tedious process. When you update your website, you should pay attention to the quality of the content, try to publish some original content, and maintain the uniqueness of the content on the internet. As the novice hands little resources, you can properly use pseudo original and article collection methods.

six, website promotion. Promotion can bring traffic to the site, traffic is the key to the profitability of the site. Common promotion methods include BBS posting, blog group building, mail sending, soft writing and so on. No matter what kind of promotion method, to achieve the ultimate, will have very good results.

in short, website construction is a complex process. Beginners must maintain a good state of mind, only continuous learning to grow.

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