What drug abortion to eat up the reasonable diet to restore health network as soon as po


after drug abortion, female friends also need to eat some carp, this food is very suitable for women after abortion. Because in the drug abortion, it will cause a lot of damage to the female friends of the endometrium, proper eating some carp, can play a role in promoting the contraction of the uterus.

2, carp

read the above, we all know what drug abortion nutritional supplements to answer. In addition, in the process of tonic, but also pay attention to the limitations of its own fat, because after abortion, gastrointestinal peristalsis slow, stomach tension is very small, very easy to cause indigestion, causing fat.

of medical abortion in female friends, the body will appear haemorrhage, will experience a longer period of time, nutrients the body will lost a lot of. So, most of the women in medicine, are in a weak state. So what medicine to eat to supplement nutrition?.

in a female friend after the completion of drug abortion, the body will be particularly weak, it is easy to sweat. Therefore, it is necessary to add more water, preferably a small number of times, so that the evaporation of water can be reduced. The sweat will be inside the body of vitamin discharged, so to eat some foods containing vitamin.

1, high protein food


3, vitamin a higher food

first of all, should be enough to add to the body of high quality protein and vitamins, especially iron supplements, so that it can play the function of enriching blood, but also to prevent human anemia symptoms. Therefore, women need to eat some animal blood and animal liver and eggs and other food, but also eat some vegetables and fruits.

drug abortion to eat what nutritional supplements

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