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long ago wanted to write about the development of forums related to the post, the forum experienced too many things, thanks to too many people. This time coincides with the founding of the Forum on the occasion of 1st anniversary, want to write down some things, but also to later people a good opportunity to understand the forum. The forum is the forum to help once forever grateful for the contribution to the forum, members of the forum, the forum to respect elders, so in the future, and jointly build a full of friendship and mutual assistance home home Ping ping.

forum process:

one, founded

forum was founded in March 6, 2007, the original intention is to establish a forum for the exchange of pet lovers together, because people are a lot of pet lovers, and some relevant information in the pet trade, build a platform to share. At that time members are some people who know each other, and also find some people who like the forum to act as moderators. A lot of things are slowly done by myself, so the development is slow. Always remember to advertise to every pet forum at the time, account has been closed a lot of experience, always remember to use their application of the more than 5000 9 Paul QQ, every two hours for 10 free membership experience, I believe that the role of QQ is particularly evident, because the forum has a little popularity the. At this stage, the forum is a free multi user forum I have applied for. The database is controlled by people, but at that time I was just trying my luck to see if I could develop. If I succeeded, I would develop further.

a little improvement in the first stage of the forum, when taking into account after all is free space, if space is closed, all their efforts are gone, so I decided to spend money to buy a free space, time is March 26, 2007, this is a memorable day, it indicates that the forum is completely independent so, choose March 26th as the forum’s birthday, her in my heart slowly grow up. It’s important to remember that the name of the forum was "China pet Trading Forum",

two, develop

forum through the delivery of free QQ, and through the members to join the publicity, at that time to register 100 members per day level. Members come, but the forum has no resources, few posts, and retain fewer members, so enrich the content of the forum put to the first place. I remember the administrator and WarmIce at the time, a week from Baidu for about more than 4000 articles published on the forum, but these posts are about pet knowledge, then basically in addition to the meal, all day in the forum. This development probably went through a month of time, the forum registered more members, and then reached about 1000, this period of time also occasionally send some search resources, after all, in this regard, or can play a little. I also have an understanding during this period, 80% of the members are not for pet related information, but for the forum some retrieval resources, this is me very not

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