Song Yanguo small and medium sized enterprise network marketing needs quantity body transplant cloth


network marketing today has been given a lot of people the myth of color. Internet marketing has many advantages over traditional media advertising, which may make many SMEs feel infinitely bright. However, network marketing is not a gospel for every small and medium-sized enterprise. Moreover, many small and medium-sized enterprises regard network marketing as "help grass". Song Yanguo wanted to say, small and medium-sized enterprises should be tailored in do network marketing, network marketing and you want to this is not the same.

first, why don’t you make a website?. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are blind to build websites, in fact, the Internet has developed to the present day, and the website is like a business card communicating with the world. It is necessary. But a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises do not really understand the significance of the construction site construction site, think to be beautiful, so at Jinhua several million to build a website, full of FLASH, animation, stunning. But there is no substance. No one updated, Baidu is not included. Such sites, of course, no one to see, but not potential customers, so many small and medium-sized enterprises complain about building websites, why not make money?. In fact, the website is built for themselves to build a display platform. It is not the website that serves the direct interests of the enterprise. Moreover, the site is not strong, but also a fatal wound. I once saw a web site for fodder. It also cost a few thousand dollars. The site is no better than the official publicity site. What’s the use,


second, big money to build network advertising, but no effect. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have played a lot of online advertising on the Internet, including some high weight portal ads, and some in-game advertisements. It can be said that it also includes a part of "swollen face, filled with fat" ingredients. But there are some Internet companies very irresponsible, help the lobby, it also makes many enterprises Voices of discontent. With so much money, nothing worked. This is called what network marketing? In fact, many enterprises do not understand. Network marketing is not just playing online advertising. And we need to develop network promotion programs according to different situations. Not advertising, the effect is good. It may sometimes be a blog for an enterprise, and building a post bar will have a greater direct effect than this generation. Therefore, our small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the capital chain instability customers, please you must according to their own circumstances, do not follow the trend, comparison. What your competitors do, do it yourself. It’s not a correct thing to do actually.

third has no effect in the short run. Many small and medium-sized enterprises because of funding reasons. Make it even more optimistic about the effectiveness of online marketing. Because the longer the cycle, the higher the cost, which is difficult to bear. But to know that network marketing is a process, it is not network hype. As soon as you put in, you’ll see the money back soon. So we need a certain amount of time. Especially in the early stage, it needs a lot of careful investigation and analysis, as well as promotion. No online company can and will not guarantee it within three or five days, or a week and a half. And there are some uncertainties about human factors. So impatient to eat hot tofu. Therefore, when the small and medium-sized enterprises enter the boundary of network marketing, they must think

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