How should the government network be built


recently, the government is an eventful year, first in Hubei Province, Jingzhou municipal government is black, the leadership of the government three photos into exposure female photos; followed by Anhui province Ma’anshan municipal government network update, vice mayor to retain a positive image of corruption in the net station; another is the government of Jiangxi Xinyu the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office website is only a picture called "history of the most simple of the government; now exposed government network was closed for 4 months, the leadership did not know actually. The problems of this series of government websites have revealed an important message to our society. There are serious problems in the construction of government networks, and the political network projects should not be neglected. As a government department, the face of the government website, how to maintain construction, how the government departments to locate and build a good government network?

in today’s information era, government network office will be the inevitable trend of the future of the government, to build a good government and building the network is to maintain the image of the government, to communicate with the feelings of the people, convenient people work and an important measure to promote the construction of e-government. How do government network construction, how to serve the people well, the key lies in the government of the government position, to scientific and rational positioning, and before the government appears many problems is a government website positioning error.

I think in the current government network should determine the following positioning: first, the government network as the official website of the government departments, is the portal of government departments. Secondly, the government network is positioned as the official platform for government departments to release laws, regulations, documents and announcements. It is the government’s e-government network. Thirdly, the government network is positioned as a platform for the communication and interaction between the government organs and the public. Fourth, the government network is positioned as the platform and window for the masses of the people. In other words, the network should be public, public welfare, political website, everything should be based on government work, that the masses for the purpose of government network from the operator to the management of government departments, shall be responsible for their own and bear.

therefore, to build a good government network lies in the construction and maintenance of the government network. It needs a legal and institutionalized construction to ensure the scientific and rational orientation of the government network. First, the relevant departments to formulate and improve laws and regulations on the construction of government networks, the construction and maintenance of government network content to follow the law. Two is the various government departments should set up responsible for government departments, personnel equipped with good, at least to be equipped with computer professionals and information collection staff, computer professionals is mainly to maintain the operation of the site, prevent the occurrence of accidents and information collection staff is mainly the opinions and suggestions of government information disclosure and the collection of the masses of the people. Three is the budget and financial security is good, on the one hand to ensure the safe operation of government networks, not because of arrears and closed jokes, the space cost of the site is not high; on the other hand to protect the remuneration of staff.

only real government network construction and maintenance of good, not only for the people, to provide services for the people, but also people hear the true voice, to improve the work of the government, and the government closer to the people.

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