What are the names of jade shop


to the store to take a good name, which for the long-term development of the store will naturally have a very favorable factor, because of this, now every business will pay attention to the name of the shop. So, how to give jade shop name? Jade is a kind of auspicious items, so in the name of the jade shop should pay attention to a lot of. Here we look at the name of the jade shop as a method and attention and reference to the name of the jade shop!

jade shop named method

(a) symbolic nomenclature

to the jade shop name, with good things to jade shop name, some may have obvious symbolic meaning, some is faint contains the name of their career expectations, this is also a method of naming a lot. This naming method usually does not contain any competition. The name of a common dragon, kylin, cypress, Merlin, Castle Peak, spring, the Great Wall, Jiangshan, peony, flowers, blue sky, Qingyun, Venus, the White Swan, crane etc..

(two) elegant word naming method

this is the name of the jade shop is a unique Chinese commercial naming. Because Chinese under the influence of Confucianism, there is a weak suppression of traditional ideas, so some businessmen to commercial places also named as the literati’s study, such as "vegetarian", "Ge", "Xuan", "home", "garden" etc..

(three) according to auspicious name

to the jade shop name, named according to auspicious words, such as: thriving and prosperous happy and auspicious family happiness, good fortune, prosperity, happiness, peace, and victory is booming, thriving, harvest, satisfaction, youth, young and beautiful, they can be separated, such as prosperity shops, auspicious credit cooperatives, Ruyi grocery shop, Ping An insurance company; also can take effect of a single word or a combination of each other again again as permanent, collocation million, nine, long, long, strong, often hard to achieve long-term, such as Acacia singing hall, wangfa shops, grocery wholesale department, Yongxing Bandung restaurant.

simple and pleasant to listen to, one can give customers a sense of comfort, one can inspire and hope that the jade shop sales better and better, the money came from. Fuzhou, Thailand, De Chang, Andrew, Phoenix, dragon, hair, rich, silver, gold, precious, Feng Qing, etc., is China’s traditional naming, the class name in the industry to play a very good effect, but should pay attention to not easy to fall into the stereotypes.

(four) boast name

named to the jade shop with the name of the method of boast: the ultimate purpose of the manufacture and sale of goods is to sell the goods, all the means used by the owners, including advertising, service, naming, etc.

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