s it true that a woman has a big chest ‘s health network


doubt two: why do we all agree that chest big brain? Chest and IQ really have a relationship?

Evin Rosedale, an American sociologist, compared the chest and IQ of 1200 American women, and found that the more plump a woman’s breasts are, the more intelligent she is. Although the researchers own only 32A, but her research shows that women with breast fullness than the average female intelligence quotient of about 10 points.

doubt one: where does this article come from?

this article is not only spread in the Chinese micro-blog inside, the English network can really find the news. Using breast cup intelligence size these words to Google, you can find all kinds of reports. For example, in November 12, 2009 the India Times said, according to Singapore news reports, the Chicago researchers to the conclusion of 1200 subjects were divided into 5 groups according to the size of the chest to get, even explain, said a big chest female hormone secretion, resulting in brain and so on. This is just one example of numerous reports of the incident.

doubt one: "chest big brain", this sentence is from where?

‘s reasoning is that the chest is too large to absorb too much nutrition, which can lead to poor brain development. Many female friends pay attention to breast health, do all kinds of breast exercises from eating hormone, papaya, pig meat peanut pot to body water, wear underwear, breast augmentation from silica gel used to wipe the mat quietly all breast cream, diligent, or no effect, never feel tired. A large chest, the brains are used in this aspect, the brain becomes smaller.

this sentence is the origin of an old "Princess", because of its flat chest, heart envy a large chest, so in order to highlight their own, so wide rumor is the "bimbo" said.

rumor two: chest big brain".

the phrase I offended many female children, or have a scientific basis, but many people often hang in the mouth.

on the other hand, for the chest big woman, a man is concerned with the woman’s chest, the input signal is the woman’s sexy posture, body factors focus on this aspect is also a woman, since the information is complete and further strengthened, and their intelligence etc. it is easy to be ignored; in turn, for a small chest of women, men do not care about their breasts, to take care of their wisdom, way, appreciate their work ability and work performance. The results will come to a simple conclusion of a woman with big breasts.

rumor: "chest big brain".

and other rumors

customers because the chest is too big to be no criticism of the brain is wrong. The chest and the brain are two entirely different organs, each of which belong to one of the two completely different systems.

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