Jiangsu children’s family medical infusion death net exposure SWAT snatching


yesterday, some friends broke the news that, after the death of a child infusion in Jiangsu, followed by local police broke into the hospital to grab the corpse, and beat the families of those killed. At present, the local health planning commission is investigating the doctor-patient dispute.

1 25, an online post exposed, Jiangsu, Danyang, a child of the age of 3, in the town of card after the death of the death of the town hospital, special police to seize the bodies of young children, the family refused, SWAT also beat his father.

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children after death

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"children in my Cao Jiepai Health Hospital discomfort, after she died, resulting in medical dispute." This afternoon, the Danyang Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro pass said, after the license to the police station to deal with. "In order to find out the cause of death, fixed evidence, I will send the body bureau of children’s funeral preservation, in preparation for the delivery process by the families of the deceased from failed."

25 PM, Danyang Wei Planning Commission official micro informed on the matter, the deceased Moumou 3 years old this year, at the end of the afternoon, 24 PM, 08 minutes to the junction of the town hospital outpatient department of Pediatrics treatment, clinical diagnosis of bronchitis".

"after the ceftizoxime skin test negative after 4:50 to ceftizoxime intravenous infusion therapy." Informed that at 5:20, children appear pale, lips cyanosis, nurse immediately report the doctor on duty to rescue. 6:25 PM, the child died after the rescue." Health center, said the hospital for the death of a child so deeply regret and grief.

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