Qiao Qiao Qiao taste dessert join


women’s consumption is undoubtedly the growth of China’s GDP has made a great contribution, we all know that women are born to love two things, that is, "eat" and "buy", what is the exclusive favorite food? The number is countless, but there is a need to mention that is dessert.

think dessert has become an indispensable part of our life, especially not forget small donuts, but it is accompanied by many people grew up from childhood to now, not too greasy, Qiao Qiao Zi flavor dessert, is a wonderful temptation on the tongue.

Qiao Qiao Zi flavor dessert, baking process using advanced raw materials imported from Japan, the core of the authentic American classic donuts formula, want to be difficult! Professional baking technology with fine wheat flour, the taste is more dense, other more rich, superior flavor mousse doughnuts; grain collocation, sweet not greasy, delicious and healthy, as well as innovation DIY mode, changing shape is fun, see the side couldn’t help falling in love with it.

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Qiao Zi Qiao flavor taste creamy dessert type, soft, thick cheese fragrant crisp American cheese donut; there are no content, smell the incense, nutrition and health, taste mellow and soft, sweet but not greasy taste crispy and clever donuts; there is a touch of milk, thick chocolate chocolate flavor, soft taste, and crisp raw sesame and almond collocation the muffin rings; more special appearance, refreshing taste, each to the sense of Q’s tongue…… This delicious, so that you do not want to love is difficult!

Qiao Qiao Qiao taste of the core material package unified distribution, the core mold a key operation, nearly 90 kinds of single product, optional collocation, food city, shopping malls, schools…… Where are you