How do college students seize the market opportunities


college students entrepreneurship is now not a novelty, and for them in terms of the market to seize the opportunity or need some skills, look at the following college students are how entrepreneurship.

"their game is really fun, like " ", " together all flurry and confusion; " and so on, most of which we have never met." In these games, the other students are challenged and happy, but Lin Jiaqian and Fu Sichun saw an opportunity, "these fresh gameplay is not common in the US, the sale of these fun gameplay, there will be good prospects."


"when the store much of the game, only playing cards, magic props games, there is no large-scale collective game."

to change the operating conditions, Lin tongjiaqian and Fu Sichun launched a collecting net type: from the Japanese or Korean in learning interesting story, collect fresh gameplay and online learning from foreign teachers from the game there. In addition, they also got the help of Taiwan students online. Soon, the White Valentine’s day, Halloween night, dark night school dinner…… One interesting activity released a series of "C-UP", will soon rise to fame in the campus.

"shop, although the cost is not high, but the profit is very high." The most let Lin Jiaqian and Fu Sichun is proud of, "C-UP" in September last year, planning the "water earth" game

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