Million annual salary of the resignation of the main business to rural areas to grow vegetables


has a large market and business in the vast rural areas, while in rural areas the business prospect is actually a good, because there are a lot of people are concerned about the rural areas of entrepreneurship and rich information, and more and more people also plunge into entrepreneurship among rural areas.

"this bag of frozen food leaves of sand, clean and put it into the box." The afternoon of May 14th 4, born in 1983, fan Ming signed an agreement to a busy day Chengdu 20 home delivery of fresh "ocean vegetables" are all imported from Japan, South Korea, Israel and other countries of the banana melon, artichokes, ice dish etc.. As a promotion, each household about 8000 yuan per year, weekly delivery of the most fresh vegetables for the two time, each about 5 pounds."

but his idea started was unanimously opposed to parents, wife and friend, "crazy? One million a year do not run when the farmers pinch mud?"

"corporate vice president, after the big deal is the general manager, or some monotonous life. "Fan Mingmin believes that life is like a fixed length of the line, if experienced, recommended

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