What is the process of opening a clothing store


is a persistent pursuit for fashion people, then open a clothing store is compared with the market project, if want to open a clothing store in the early entrepreneurs need to understand the steps and flow shop is how, the following detailed introduce the opening process.

clothing, is indispensable in the daily life. The type or fashion, or purity, or elegance. With the deepening of people’s communication, the demand for clothing is becoming more and more detailed. Open a clothing store to become a popular choice for entrepreneurs. However, for some entrepreneurs who just entered the market, the process of opening a clothing store is relatively vague. What is the process of opening a clothing store? The main steps are as follows:

1, determine the price of clothing, brand, style: to open a clothing store, first of all want to open their own shop to sell what kind of clothes, to seize what kind of consumer. According to their place of consumption, consumer spending habits to choose a relatively safe brand. At the same time determine the price of clothes. This is an essential part of the process of opening a clothing store.

2, the choice of clothing store address: a suitable address to a certain extent determines the number of customers, the possibility of profit size. Clothing store address in the flow of people more places, such as commercial street, road intersection, near the station, etc.. Are crowded places. There will be a place where people consume.

3, select the purchase of the brand, address: good supply is also an important process in the process of opening a clothing store. The clothing of good quality and low price. Sell clothes will naturally be more profitable.

4, apply for business license: first go to the trade and industry for business license, and then get the business license, go to the tax department for tax registration certificate. The information required: my ID photo, ID card and a copy of the clothing store property documents, if you have to lease the lease contract and copies, etc..

5, shop financing: first of all, according to the size of their own clothing store, clothing brands and so on to calculate the required facade fees, renovation costs, gas, water and electricity costs. Ready enough funds, in order to avoid the process of business, it is difficult to cash flow, which is also essential to open a clothing store process.

6, shop decoration: give consumers a good consumer environment, help consumers to improve consumer satisfaction, to maintain a pleasant mood shopping. Shop decoration in accordance with their own choice of clothing style decoration. Decoration as clean and tidy. In the decoration of the store as far as possible to expand the space. Don’t make the store too crowded.

Basic preparation for

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