The owner needs to be able to respond to customer changes


different customers will have different emotions. Even the same customer, different time to shop, the mood will be different. The shop is like an alternative communication stage of life, where customers come and go, what kind of people will encounter, it is thousands of people thinking, thousands of people look like. In the face of these varied customers, as the owner, you and customer communication? Would you tactfully prick even the smell of gunpowder customers? And how to deal with it? Here I would like to take this opportunity to say here, in the face of one of the ever-changing customer how I move.

my store has been to take care of themselves, but not a supermarket, the customer to buy what I have to take, when customers often do not care to greet customers and one by one. Although customers greet the door is just a simple question, but some customers just care about you this greeting, this type of customer is concerned about. My grandma in the village is such a customer.

once fell on Sunday, I was busy in the shop, just to buy things in the store, I just checkout, loaded goods, did not have time to say hello. I was busy to see grandma at the door. I immediately found a head to fly to the word, shouted: "grandma, soft Hartmann you want me to leave you!" Grandma Lee fortunately not deaf, she a Leng, then take back the leg, turned around, a little angry look asked: "really for me? But why don’t you call me when I’m here? I am afraid I do not give money or I can not afford to buy? Or an old woman thing?……"

I don’t face to explain what grandma asked, but hey smiled and exaggerated quipped: "grandma, I’m busy number Maomao, afraid of mistake ah, I heard footsteps you know me! I want to say hello, but I don’t want to talk." Ha ha, Luo grandmother smiled: "you mouth so that the eyes are not good." Will my grandma Luo in the face, so Warrington, happily bought her goods. But when she wants to buy soft Hartmann, then soft Bernhard stores have no goods, until tomorrow.

so I lit up a cigarette for her, and told her that it would be all right for me to pick it up tomorrow. Luo grandmother really not angry, said tomorrow must come to take, and put the money in advance. When soft cigarettes Hartmann per week limit of a few, often a day sold out, I know, grandma love soft find a Hartmann, so keep grandma Luo reason.

by the actions of Luo grandmother, let me understand a truth, the use of a person’s interest can open a mind, the use of a witty words, you can soften the frustration of misunderstanding. This is: "other people have the skills of misunderstanding, clever use of language is a coup. The customer is happy to become angry, humorous humor is high. Every word and deed must be done, one is difficult to adjust the tone. Sea waves surging shop, the customer for the ship carrying banknotes."

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