Zhengzhou disabled entrepreneurs start a hundred Forum


disabled people are also a part of the public entrepreneurship, they are more urgent than ordinary people need to start the business of wealth and value. Zhengzhou City Disabled entrepreneurs Lecture Room 2 officially began to teach disabled entrepreneurs how to conduct entrepreneurship.

in the tide of the times, the public business innovation, how to better provide services for the disabled entrepreneurs? Yesterday morning, Zhengzhou City Disabled entrepreneurs Lecture Room officially launched a series of activities, through seminars, experts and professors from entrepreneurial model etc., help the disabled friends entrepreneurial road, plans to use 3 years to organize hundred lectures, to provide specific guidance for hundreds of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial projects to recommend 100 entrepreneurs.

"disabled employment, will encounter more difficulties and obstacles, face greater challenges and pressures." The CDPF official said at the launching ceremony, Zhengzhou disabled disabled entrepreneurial business service center held Lecture Room "series of activities, is to provide more help and services for entrepreneurs to join the disabled friend. Subsequently, President of the Henan Provincial Disabled Entrepreneurs Association Wang Guosheng first invited on stage, sharing his waist, casting Henan Tuoren group’s inspirational story……

since December 3, 2015 "world disabled day" after the start of the forum plans to use three years of time, one hundred lectures, to provide specific guidance for hundreds of entrepreneurs, and recommend hundreds of entrepreneurial projects to entrepreneurs, in order to achieve "entrepreneurship to employment, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm by the disabled disabled entrepreneurs forum, convergence wisdom, help more disabled people draw strength and achieve the entrepreneurial dream.

in promoting double activities, entrepreneurs with disabilities career has also been considerable development, the future will have more people with disabilities to participate in entrepreneurship, for myself, a person’s strength to contribute to society.

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