Which of the ten most expensive engagement rings in the world do you like best


this year is a year of marriage, many popular stars have been married, and the bride’s ring is undoubtedly the focus of everyone’s attention. Today Xiaobian for everyone to take stock of the world’s ten most expensive engagement ring, we quickly look at these ten of the world’s most expensive engagement ring, and see which one you like best.

No.10  18 carat sapphire white diamond ring

18 Carat White Diamond Sapphire Ring, Prince William gave Catherine · Elizabeth · Middleton’s engagement ring, the ring cost about $137 thousand, and with 14 small diamonds surrounded by mysterious sapphire. Is a priceless treasure, but also a symbol of luxury, also known as the proposed ring. The engagement ring is from the late Princess Diana, the most famous of the British Royal jewels.

No.9  Argyle  Jewellers pink pear shaped engagement ring

famous Spanish pop music singer Enriquez · Iglesias gave Anna · Kournikova’s engagement ring, the ring is worth $2 million 500 thousand. It is unique is two pieces of stone trillian embedded in a 11  carat pink pear shaped diamond, as generally heart-shaped.

No.8  Fred  Leighton antique diamond engagement ring

No.7  Lesotho  III diamond ring

No.6  Graff  Graff emerald cut diamond ring

the engagement ring is the U.S. real estate tycoon Donald · Trump gave Melania · north. Ring features with 15  K platinum basket on emerald cut diamond, ring inlaid with 15 karat white diamonds. Buy Graff in London, the ring worth $3 million.

No.5  Neil  Lane blue diamond engagement ring