6 bad habits make it hurt breast health net


5, drinking too much

because of the complexity and particularity of women body structure, resulting in women are more likely to get sick and injured than men, especially breast, we ignore the section on weekdays, such as underwear does not fit, the movement is not scientific, and even work casually, diet and so may let us careless chest involvement, and then lead to breast cancer. In daily life, how to protect the breast, prevent breast cancer?

study found that women who drank one to two glasses of alcohol a day had an increased risk of breast cancer by about 10% compared with those who did not drink, and women who drank more than 3 cups a day had a higher prevalence of breast cancer by as much as 30%. The incidence is only related to alcohol intake, regardless of the type of wine, whether it is red wine beer or liquor, will cause harm to women’s breast health. Scientists believe that although they do not fully understand why excessive alcohol can cause;

breast size depends on the amount of breast tissue and fat. Therefore, a moderate increase in the amount of fat in the chest, is the most natural, the most reasonable and healthy way to improve the stiffness. Don’t type curves of one-sided pursuit of slim, but blindly diet, picky eaters, eat a vegetable dish, do not eat fish and meat. Note that the amount of intake of fish, meat and soy products, can increase a small amount of fat, which is to maintain the fullness of the breast, skin, smooth, ruddy complexion is an indispensable material basis. Otherwise, the function of malnutrition, lack of fat, breast atrophy, dry skin wrinkled, sallow complexion, lose the charm of youth.

wants to create a perfect chest and avoid eating too much sweet food. Because of high carbohydrate intake for a long time, it will increase the amount of insulin in the blood.

2, do not eat oil

4, eat sweets too much

in addition to proper eating fat, but also to add collagen, in order to promote breast smooth, elastic, rough, which is one of the main conditions to promote breast fitness. The food is rich in collagen skin (including pig, chicken, duck, goose skin), pig’s trotters hoof, tendons, chicken claw, chicken and turtle etc.. In addition, there is a close relationship between the formation of collagen, vitamin C and protein and therefore, in order to breast bodybuilding should also eat some foods rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, carrots and protein rich foods such as eggs and beans.


3, do not eat meat

6 bad habits make the breast hurt

we all know that caffeine can keep people awake, also have some inhibitory actions. But a recent study by Swedish scientists has attracted a lot of attention, because they point out that if a girl drinks more than three cups of coffee a day, their breasts become smaller. The researchers found that half of the women in the study had a specific gene, because the gene, when they take caffeine, the breasts will shrink. In order to protect the chest, like coffee refreshing you, you can try to use tea instead of coffee.

1, drink too much coffee

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