How to join 72 street snack


fast food seems to have become a necessity for modern people, because the market demand is unimaginable, so a lot of people are running towards the fast-food restaurant market, but also the rapid rise. At the same time is facing more intense competition, how to gain a foothold in the market competition, which requires a powerful brand support, recommend 72 street snack for you in many fast-food brands in small series, 72 Street fast food fast rise, received a warm welcome in the majority of young people, so how to join 72 street snack items?

72 street snack join conditions:

1, I and family health, have the confidence and enthusiasm in this industry.

2, recognize and accept the development strategy of the project, those who are interested in venture capital.

3, to provide a legal identity card, so as to establish a real file headquarters.

4, implement and comply with the project management system.

5, with independent legal personality or strong economic strength of natural persons.

6, with good sense of cooperation, good business reputation.

7, with a certain degree of market sensitivity, and can be put into operation.

8, to be able to independently invest all costs, and can bear certain operational risks.

72 Street fast food join process:

1, investment consulting

investors to telephone, fax, online message, such as the way to the headquarters of professional investment consulting consulting related matters, to obtain relevant information.

2, field trips

investors to the site of the headquarters to conduct field visits, and business communication with the headquarters staff.

3, qualification

headquarters for investors to review and confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, signed a contract

both sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, a formal contract.

5, headquarters training

6, shop location

7, officially opened