How to promote agricultural development in Bazhong in the new era


as an agricultural nation, agriculture plays an important role in our history. Although the economy is developing continuously, people put a lot of energy in the development of industry and science and technology, but the food as the people’s fundamental, still can not be ignored! So, how to promote the agricultural development of the new era of agricultural reform in Bazhong?

property financing accelerated. Bazhong City, the rural land contract management right right after the certification rate reached 30%, 10 Township foreign-funded equity reform steadily, the collective assets of joint-stock reform; the first half of the year issued by the rural collective assets equity card 3700, agricultural characteristic industry ownership, agricultural standardization usufruct license 74, 100 of the land management right, the new property mortgage loans 330 million yuan.

main driving force. In the first half, the city’s new cultivation of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises 20, farmer cooperatives, the development of family farms, 79, professional large family of 620.

scale management to speed up. The promotion of "leading industry policy transfer, directional transfer, land reserve transfer, joint-stock cooperative circulation and market scale of circulation of five contracted land circulation mode, the first half of the new 64 thousand acres of land transfer, the moderate scale management of land circulation reached 267 thousand and 100 mu, accounting for 38% of the total circulation of 722 thousand and 500 acres of land and built land stock cooperatives 62 agricultural reform, help farmers per capita income 60 yuan.

through the above information we can see that in the process of rapid development of economy in Bazhong City, active play area of characteristic agriculture, so as to inject new vitality into the development of the agricultural area, mainly including three aspects: financing, property rights, the main driving force to accelerate, accelerate the scale of operation, it is very has the significance for agricultural development throughout the region.

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