Do business must be good at changing ideas


thinking for people’s career development is of great importance? We do not analyze, or from a very familiar story. Since the hare and the tortoise lost the race, has been preoccupied with, always felt that the last time he played a disorder, so, the rabbit went to the tortoise, asked to race again, the tortoise agreed.

when the whistle blows, the hare and the tortoise run at the same time. This time, the rabbit learned the last lesson, run very seriously, not to be proud, not long, the rabbit will go to the end of the. The rabbit thought: the turtle turtle ah, this time I will let you lose sincerely convinced. He turned his head to see how far the tortoise was from him, but he could not see the tortoise. Rabbit heart that happy, ready to stride across the finish, but found that the tortoise has stood on the line to the rabbit. Also do not understand how the rabbit be frightened and change color, the tortoise is how to appear in front of you.

originally, in the rabbit before the start, the tortoise will bite the tail of the rabbit, with the power of the rabbit all the way forward, in the rabbit turned to look for the tortoise, the tortoise took the opportunity to cross the finish line.

isn’t doing business like the tortoise and the hare? For the first time, the tortoise is relying on the other side of the heart and the spirit of their own faith; second, the key lies in the surprise of the tortoise, it is used by the rabbit unexpected. In the fierce competition of the moment, I like many peers, often distressed not to do business, the customer to serve, service attitude, the price also has repeatedly enhance very transparent, but still feel that the road gets narrower, more and more business is not good to do. Later, after seeing this fable, understand a truth: do not blindly stick to business, but also to change the idea.

want to do business, not only the right way, but also need to be able to usher in a constant change in ideas. In short, there are many ways to successy operate, the right way to make you get twice the result with half the effort to win easily. The innovation of the method is the key, the method of innovation is the innovation of ideas, if a person can often change in business ideas often new, then help him win points will be very high.

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