Some strategies for doing business


want to do business is to correct the certain business strategies to grasp, to choose the correct position of the shop, only the location is right, can have more customers, the shop to do business, of course, should pay attention to some factors, please refer to the analysis in this paper.

if the store opened for business and past work experience, and has held management positions, choose the right to join system, learn management skills, is a good way to reduce the risk of business.

1, flow: ordinary, holiday and day, night to person ratio.

2, traffic: car, motorcycle traffic.

3, traffic conditions: current and future may increase or decrease of transport tools.

4, road conditions: size, one-way street, double lane and parking problems.

5, regional characteristics: business circles, competitive stores, complementary stores, financial institutions, culture and education, leisure facilities, etc..

6, population survey: population, consumption habits, etc..

7, business circle survey: the main and secondary business circle, the rent price.