How to open Tea Museum


how to open the tea house? Many novice investors are keen to learn more skills to join, if you want to learn about the system, then quickly with Xiaobian to see, small finishing the relevant information for reference, hope can make some professional guidance for you, not to be missed.

open Tea Museum process:

1) store location, investigation, evaluation.

2) store design, decoration, furniture selection.

3) register with the trade and Industry Bureau for business license.

4) to the health and epidemic prevention station.

5) the Inland Revenue Department for tax registration.

6) personnel training.

7) selection of equipment and products

in addition, the opening of the tea house first to determine the main direction of the tea house, and then determine the main direction of the tea house, the means of management to keep up. In other words, to retain the guests, so that guests in the store to extend the residence time is the key to profitability. For example, to provide guests with tea, black tea, green tea or according to the season to provide timely tea must be based on the taste of the tea shop consumer groups to determine. Tea can be large or small scale, but must work in the atmosphere, to create a comfortable, comfortable atmosphere of leisure.

addition, should also increase the cultural flavor of the teahouse. Tea ceremony can be set up and invited to teach students the basic knowledge of tea and tea in order to cultivate consumer groups, consumer driven. Set up shelves on the tea, tea, tea, tea culture and other related books, subscribe to some urban newspapers for the guests to read.

in addition to the museum in accordance with the specific circumstances of the guests to provide some of the necessary small food, if the conditions of the meal can be provided to the guests a number of homemade fast food. Note, however, that meals can be simple but delicate. If your tea house design with Beijing, it could be enjoyed on the small tea food.

after the introduction, I believe you have been very clear how to open the tea house. Some of the conventional steps are in fact very good understanding, and some other business skills can be learned slowly, only to keep learning attitude, more practical way to operate a good store.

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