What are the prospects for the coffee market


coffee is a favorite drink of many friends, drinking coffee can make their own more spiritual, of course, the brand is more coffee. If you want to open a coffee shop, there is no market? Xiaobian on the coffee market prospects are introduced.

1, look from the growth prospects: Although the China coffee consumption market has just started, but growing exponentially, the annual growth rate remained at 10%~15%, even more than China’s per capita growth rate of GDP. What are the prospects for coffee? Authoritative theory that the next few years, China is expected to become the world’s most potential consumer of coffee, the growth rate will be ranked first in the world.

2, from the perspective of the development potential of space: Europe and the United States developed an average annual per capita consumption of coffee in 500 – about 1000 cups, our nearest neighbor in Japan, per capita annual consumption of more than 300 cups, South Korea, the cup of 200. Compared with these countries, China’s per capita consumption is low, Kitakami Hiromi streamline cities, per capita annual sales barely reached 25 cups. What are the prospects for coffee? Therefore, our demand is huge, the development of space is huge. Especially in the economic growth rate of the steady improvement of the quality of life a thousand li a day, at present, the investment of coffee, leading consumer, mining potential, the game, custody and not make compensation, step by step for profit


3, from the overall market to see benefits: in 2007 China’s imports of 10197 tons of coffee, the market value of up to $200 billion, what is the market prospects for coffee? With the popularity of the middle class lifestyle in the whole society, more and more people will drink coffee. Only in Shanghai, there are more than 1 thousand cafes, coffee raw material processing agents more than 60, coffee equipment, appliance manufacturers and agents of the more than and 30, the city’s coffee consumption reached $2 billion.


we can see that Chinese coffee market as a whole is in rapid development, although it is not the largest coffee consuming country, but the future was expected to become the biggest consumer of coffee, the coffee market has broad market prospects and development potential, this time if you open a coffee shop, is absolutely in line with people’s consumption trend.

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