You have to know the 5 sales tips


whether it is a start-up company, or an ordinary business unit, sales are the key to improve performance, good sales skills for enterprises, individuals have a profound impact. Here are some of the great advice given by consultants in the sales industry, which is good for sales.

1, who you look like, who will be sent there – from writer and sales coach Tom  Schaff. This is a clear explanation of why some people are able to talk directly to the decision maker, while others are always pushed to non decision makers. In the sales environment, each target customer reviews you, and classifies them to determine if the conversation is valuable. Busy people always try to push all the unimportant interactions to other times, or simply push them to others. If you can talk to them about their problems in their language, you can stay. But if you don’t speak the language of the decision maker, you will be pushed to someone else.

2, as far as possible to remain true – from business strategist Daniel  Waldschmidt. Since people are not so concerned about "political correctness", the truth is more valued. Your target customers, regular customers and colleagues, in fact, want to know the real you. This also means that you have to be very sincere to say that you agree or disagree with each other’s opinions, or recognize their value.

3, don’t put your views on others — from Mikki  Williams, speaker and consultant. As a speaker, consultant, leader and sales person, I often have the opportunity to speak on stage. Usually we have to answer people’s questions. Mikki helped me understand what is your opinion on others (that is, in my opinion as a command, ask others how to deal with a situation, or how to live their own lives), this practice in the distance between us manufacturing and not established contact. In nature, people don’t like being told. Keep in mind that all the advice you make should be expressed as an opinion, not a judgment.

4, independent of your failure, and help you share your success – from marketing and management consultant Jim  Schinco. I can write hundreds of Jim said

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