The ten most popular brands to join the list


if it is just about the mask brand, in the current cosmetics market, it will be a very large number, not only to make it difficult for consumers to choose, but also many investors do not know how to choose. To this end, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the ten most popular mask to join the brand list, so as to give more investors a better reference.

‘s ten most popular mask to join the list of top brands: a leaf

leaves One leaf is a natural brand rooted in Australia, she inherited Australia skincare products internationally renowned natural pure and high quality characteristics, and Australia will be particularlystrong free and unfettered life art together to advocate in skin care.

‘s ten most popular mask to join the brand list of the top second: Nature Republic

NATURE REPUBLIC is a natural paradise endorsement by Asian superstar RAIN Korean cosmetics brand, excellent working style has always been adhering to the Korean cosmetics, using natural green plants as raw material, with the natural park of patent technology MD WATER production of cosmetics.

‘s ten most popular mask to join the brand list of the top third: water password

water password is the DANZ group’s professional replenishment of skin care brands, including marine source extraction, glacier mineral, snow Yan extract, green tea oil control, red pomegranate new live, through the muscle water run these six series.

The ten mask

the most popular franchise brand list fourth: 100

"100" is Shanghai pehchaolin Daily Chemical Co. Ltd (abbreviation: SPDC English) brand, founded in 1931. Baiqueling was founded in 1931, is the one of the long history of the famous cosmetics manufacturers. In November 2015, eleven became the first double pehchaolin sales beauty category, is also the first Tmall brand sales of more than billion.

‘s ten most popular mask to join the brand list of the top fifth: Han beam

Shanghai Han Shu Cosmetics Co., Ltd., founded in 2002 in Shanghai, in the same year to create Han Liang brand.

‘s ten most popular mask to join the brand list of the top sixth: Royal mud square

Royal mud square, is a skin care product name. This kind of skin care products in Hunan is a border town in Xiangxi – the beach town unique mineral mud (also known as mud) as raw materials and developed into

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