Supermarket training staff should pay attention to what capacity


a supermarket if you want to run normally, often need to do a good job in all aspects of work, which is also a very important staff training. In short, good business is to revitalize the supermarket, supermarket goods, and how to make an inventory of these goods, supermarket staff’s work is particularly important, therefore the management of your employees is a major work in business activities.

[1 customers in Haicang District of Xiamen City Yong Sheng star   department store; Party Guirui]

my supermarket has 10 employees, I mainly according to the nature of their work for a reasonable division of labor. The store uses two classes down, usually 5 people per class, the cashier of the 1, the 4 shopping guide. The cashier, the requirements of computer skills, have strong ability to identify true and false currency, and have the ability to quickly change; shopping guide, according to the category of goods, some goods, each staff management related in this way, they can be targeted to guide customers shopping. At the same time, I also asked them to do a good job of daily sales records and inventory records, real-time reporting replenishment demand.

[customer 2 Haicang District, Xiamen Jia Fu supermarket   Ye Guizhong]

I pay more attention to staff training in service management. My shop, with 1 stores, 3 regional shopping guide staff supervisor. The first is the requirement of personnel, customers door, three meters smile; customers come to region, the region responsible person must take the initiative to meet her, smiling politely greeted with enthusiasm and patience to customers, to provide services required. In this, the supervisor must first set a good example, to maintain a good service quality, and strict supervision of regional personnel, do retain the hearts of customers with warm service.

[3 customers of Xiamen Haicang heron Binlong supermarket   Chen family]

I personally pay more attention to the training of employees, there is no training, the direction of the work of the staff will be more vague, the supermarket business will be no clue. I am in the staff training, pay attention to the concept of "specialize in", to the cashier and shelf administrator, I have stressed they of commodity price awareness, ask them in the face of the customer consultation must tell the price of goods in 3 seconds; the tallyman, I would often ask them to see some advertising magazine, know some basic knowledge of color collocation, used to clean and beautiful land shelf, to enhance the attractiveness.

[customer 4 Haicang District, Xiamen Xing Xing supermarket   Deng Zhaorong]

supermarket staff mobility is relatively large, often recruit new staff. The new staff training, I mainly use the old with new way. I am >

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