Pet shop to open the cost of professional analysis


now almost every family has a pet, pet economy has begun to rise. Many entrepreneurs to invest in the eyes of the pet market, open pet shop is a good choice, how much money to open a small pet shop?

1. small pet store area should be about 30-40 square meters, while the cost of the pet store rent is greatly affected by the region. Determine the size of a pet store depends on the surrounding market and consumer spending. If the pet shop around the pet industry is very competitive, there is a large pet store, then open a small pet shop is not suitable for the market competition is not enough competition.

2. pet store rent, small pet store rent will certainly have a larger pet store has a certain basis, you can reduce the overall investment in pet stores.

3. pet store renovation costs will decline with the overall size of the pet store decline, small pet shop renovation costs should be controlled at around 20 thousand.

4. to open a small pet shop with what equipment, naturally with the pet store business projects have a direct relationship. In general, required equipment, water heater, air conditioning, water machine, dryer, scissors, and other small beautician Mao Shu pet shop what cost about around tens of thousands. Of course, if you need some other equipment, then the cost of more than ten million or even higher, which for a small pet shop is not necessary.

5. control the number of small pet store purchase, because small pet shop area is small, the shelf is also less, so less subtle purchase. In particular, the era of e-commerce in the retail industry as the main, so small pet shops should control the number of stocks, reduce investment risks and costs.

6. small pet shop can be a partner of two shops, the same can also be a husband and wife store, you can not recruit people, but with the increase in the number of customers, pet shop is busy two people. Generally, there is a relationship between the salary of a pet grooming staff and the local wage level.

The cost of

7. related technical training manager and management training courses, to send Doug these are free. If you want to learn about pet beauty about 10000 of the funds and a month’s time.

8. pet store promotional costs and operating funds, the number of pet store customers, pet shops are able to operate directly with these two aspects of the relationship.

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