What are the common mistakes in the opening of the restaurant


business is inevitable, for entrepreneurs, first of all should choose a good project to join. In recent years, the rapid development of food and beverage industry, in the market has a lot of room for development, the franchisee’s concern. The market has a great demand for food, catering business opportunities. Open a restaurant is the first choice for your business, but also need to avoid the occurrence of the wrong way.

A, seize the opportunity, miss

two, the ride, hukouduoshi

was seen to open a restaurant in the shops on the street is very prosperous, also Qucourenao opened a restaurant, the prosperous begins in less than a month until the collapse landslide. After he realized that in the bustling street restaurant is good, but there have been a lot of old restaurant, customers are acquaintances, another is hukouduoshi. There is no particularly favorable conditions, the people can be brought over to acquaintances? There is not a station, the traffic can be maintained for a while, so open the restaurant must not be blind to the site, you must investigate the location before the success of the guarantee.

three, misjudged the situation, blind pursuit of high

four, operating stiff, regardless of students acquaintance of

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