How much does it cost to open a pot and cook a meal


want to start a business, not only to analyze the advantages of the project, but also on the cost of the project to do an analysis. A lot of friends want to open a restaurant, but its cost is not very understanding. So how to open a pot shop? How much money to open a shop?.

The characteristics of


1, the initial input: baozai Hotel initial investment and expenses are relatively small, generally open a small shop, business area of fifty or sixty square meters, with about 20 seats, if the conditions or the street outside the shop, also can be a temporary increase in the peak time to eat dinner. Baozaifan 60 square meters about 20 thousand Yuan decoration, equipment, utensils, baozaifan tableware is about 15 thousand yuan, dining table and chair of 2 thousand yuan, 3 thousand yuan of liquidity, a total of forty thousand yuan can easily start.

2, operating costs: according to the location of the Aberdeen Hotel is different from the general 60 square meters of shops, rent about $3 thousand per month. How to open a pot of rice food, water, electricity, gas consumption, no about 3 thousand yuan a month. 60 square meters of shops only 3 employees plus the owner is enough, personnel costs 4000 yuan a month to other expenses, such as advertising, communication, taxes, one-time losses and other expenses, about 1 thousand yuan per month. A total of about ten thousand yuan per month.

Analysis of

How much money stores open baozaifan


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