Shanxi Technology and Business University graduates employment and entrepreneurship Festival


school can now become a very good platform for college students employment, can provide more resources for college graduates. At Shanxi Technology and Business University, held an entrepreneurial employment for graduates.

300 manyemployers school recruitment

for the quality of employment for smooth Easy Access, entrepreneurial passion paving off platform. April 7th morning, the official opening of the employment and entrepreneurship festival in Shanxi Technology and Business University in 2016. On the morning of 9 pm, the campus of the Shanxi Technology and Business University is the heavy traffic, from finance, computer, real estate, new media and other industries dozens of more than and 300 household units into the school recruitment, more than 3000 students attend face-to-face exchanges with enterprises.

"I is a senior student of Institute of media, in four years, I participated in the school art festival, joined the drama club, also organized a speech contest…… At present, several units have invited me to interview, the employment situation is not bad." On the same day, the school held a meeting to meet the supply and demand of graduates, graduates Xu told reporters. Shanxi Technology and Business University is one of the first private undergraduate colleges in our province, and has attached great importance to the employment of graduates.

this year the college continues to increase employment efforts, in April 7th to 9 held the employment section. According to reports, in addition to meeting the morning of the large graduate fairs, this year also added, special recruitment, development, innovation and entrepreneurship "creative poster design contest, venture roadshow and a series of seminars and other activities, paving the way for the employment of graduates.

in the day the school employment festival opening ceremony, Shanxi province to support entrepreneurship microfinance limited liability company, Construction Bank Chinese Hexi Branch also jointly for the school students to provide 5 million yuan loan business support.


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