With Tata 90 female students open Maid Cafe thousand


is now in this era of more and more people choose to start their own business, entrepreneurship is the most important to choose the good direction, it is a good project, it is necessary to find a market prospects of the project, it does not have a 90 girl on his own business, and is looking for a creative project, a comic book the beverage stores.

by personalized marketing monthly income of over million

"I do not sell coffee, is a" personality ". The store will launch a special feature of interaction with customers every week. Last week, the event was to teach customers to make fresh pudding, and we are going to teach our customers to make moon cakes. I have a limited number of small shops, are like anime young people come over, so often push some small personality activities, can increase customer stickiness." In the opinion of the tower, her shop is currently more popular, mainly in distinctive features, and high customer interaction.

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