60 tons of bananas were destroyed by the destruction of 60 tons of bananas in Philippines


Shanghai entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau 15, the two batch of weighing up to 60.34 tons of bananas were found in Philippines. These Philippines bananas were destroyed.

Shanghai entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau revealed that in the two batch of Philippines banana inspection and quarantine, Pudong entry-exit inspection and quarantine department staff found the mealybug on fruit stalk position, then the sample sent to the Shanghai entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau Technology laboratory. Identified as China’s quarantine pests concerned about the new pineapple gray powder scales.

the two batch of Philippines banana total of 4642 cartons, weighing 60.34 tons, the value of $37 thousand.

According to

reports, d.neobrevipes main hazards of pineapple, Annona, citrus, banana plants, eggs, larvae and adults are parasitic on the surface of the host plant, host plant can cause malnutrition, caused by severe plant death. It is widely distributed in tropical areas such as Philippines. Because of the similar climate in the tropical areas of South China and Philippines, once the insect is introduced into China, it will cause serious harm to the fruits, vegetables and other crops.

relevant departments to carry out the above two batches of Philippines banana destruction.

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