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experts explained that there are three main methods of breast self-examination:

three is lying touch

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lie down, don’t put a pillow under your head. On the side of the breast to check a small pillow pad, the hand of this side of the head, with the other hand check, check methods and techniques and the same touch.

can be used in the bath, hands rub soap in order to slide on the breast check. One hand is placed in the back of the head, with the other hand index finger, middle finger and ring finger of the abdomen, in order to press, spiral or sliding way to check whether the breast lumps. Also, don’t forget to check the axillary lymph nodes in the same way. Finally, with the thumb and index finger gently pinch the nipple, there is no lump under the feeling of nipple, nipple nipple discharge.

is standing in front of the mirror to see

two is standing touch

mainly to see whether the size of the breast shape is symmetrical, the contour is not changed, whether the nipple secretion and whether the retraction. Stand in front of the mirror to see the posture and hands naturally hang down, hands above the head, chest and abdomen shrinking see akimbo.

so, what time is the most suitable for breast self-examination? Beijing Xuanwu Hospital Department of general surgery experts believe that, for women, the period after the end of the 7 -10 days during the most suitable self; menopause or climacteric women the best fixed day monthly self-test.

experts remind the majority of female friends, when they find themselves have typical symptoms of breast cancer, breast lumps, breast or nipple painless local depression, axillary lymph node enlargement, more attention should be paid to the formal medical institutions for medical treatment in a timely manner.


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