How to open a beauty salon to do environmental layout


entrepreneurial shop decoration design style will affect the desire to spend, especially the beauty shop environment for attracting consumers will play a great role. So for investors who want to open a beauty salon, how to do a good job in the layout of the beauty salon? Beauty salon environment layout needs two factors:

beauty salon environment 1, improve the background of the beauty salon

refers to the background conditions include: air quality, temperature, temperature, ventilation, noise, atmosphere, cleanliness. This is the beauty salon must first improve the conditions.

beauty salon environment layout 2, optimization design

design factor is the most easily perceived stimulus, which helps to cultivate the positive feelings of customers, is to encourage them to take close action, there is a greater potential for competition. The design factors are divided into two types: aesthetic factors and functional factors.

a. use aesthetic factors:

beauty salon decoration design can not be separated from the modern mood and natural feelings, in a simple room to do beauty is not feeling. However, we can not decorate the beauty salon every month, so we should work in space. In the beauty of the screen and partition between the design of the activities of the decorative frame, through the replacement of pictures, to the beauty salon customers with a sense of novelty. In the design of a number of light boxes on the ceiling, the promotion of beauty knowledge; in front of the mirror design exquisite decorative platform, you can change the display at any time, so that small embellishment add luster.

material characteristics of a popular culture stone for the decoration materials (front desk, door, Xuan Guan). With a sharp image of the painting, with wood and stone, glass are used alternately, most of the walls of the table wallpaper, make the whole design in the wild is more fine.

beauty shop but if dim color is generally visible feeling, so you can let the customer feel comfortable and enjoyable, and stimulate customer consumption to the maximum extent, because in a bright environment, customers tend to rational consumption of the. In general, partial red or yellow color gives a warm feeling, partial blue or green gives a feeling of indifference, and white, gray and black gives people a sense of moderation.

style a classic and modern beauty, revealing the elegant taste, natural and easy personality.

accessories – original primitive pottery vase, dry hay on the field, refractive light.

embedded in the photo frame of the certificate, the manager and the photo taken with others. Yellow and green striped curtains and tablecloths, dark green bedspread. Lights for hidden lights, avoid direct light. Light temperature warmer >

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