Dongguan white Formica annual tax billions of dollars after the 90 students 3 years as vice presiden


recently, a Dongguan 90 white Formica became the focus of media attention. The 25 year old white Formica annual tax of billions of dollars, returned only three years to become vice president of a large company.

1 12, the Dongguan municipal government awarded the honorary citizen of Dongguan for the title of "45". Among them, only 25 years old, Guangdong, a smart card production company vice president Su Chen, became the youngest honorary citizen". In front of the delicate and pretty girl is Su Chen, if not from time to time in the work of the capable style, you can hardly be linked to her identity and company ceos.

1990 was born in September, she was back in 2012 from Wuhan Hubei, UK, came to Fenggang to work in practice, a company in Dongguan. 2013, Su Chen returned from studying in the UK shortly after the company as a legal representative, executive director of the identity of the company to enter the leadership. During this period, the company is in the adjustment of the leading product transition period.

2014, where the company’s tax for the first time the billions of dollars, is the local tax ranked second of the enterprise. 2015 1 – September, the company paid $77 million 150 thousand, an increase of 6.2%. Today, the morning of the operation of listed companies.

spent nearly half the time, from printing to packaging, warehousing, workshop all ordinary workers in the work, followed Suchen learned again. Although the returnees student, has a master’s degree in business management, but in the workshop engaged in work, and many young people just Suchen into the factory, also made a mistake. In the workshop of temper, Suchen quickly familiar with the company’s production status, then was promoted, the administrative department in the company, she has a rotation almost done again.

sunchen and company team, the integration of various resources, then not only continue to maintain the social security card product sales of the first position, financial card sales also achieved corner overtaking, squeezed into the top three in 2014 and received social security card, financial card two "good grades first".

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