Guangxi electricity supplier business competition heats up to attract many entrepreneurs to particip


e-commerce business has now become the main theme of the whole society, the business at the same time, now in the country have attached great importance to entrepreneurship in Guangxi, in order to encourage the majority of the electricity supplier entrepreneurs also held e-commerce entrepreneurship competition.

7 30 afternoon, 2015 Guangxi e-commerce entrepreneurship contest Nanning division Organizing Committee held a press conference and conference will start in nanning. At the press conference, the Nanning organizing committee announced the selection of the competition system, the specific time and related arrangements, and revealed that the Nanning Division has 50 entries can be promoted to participate in the finals of the Guangxi region.

in addition, the work is guaranteed the contest Nanning division smoothly, the organizers from the Nanning Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Nanning Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League together, Guangxi Nanning Gold Coast network science and technology limited company to undertake, Guangxi Youth Science and Technology Co Ltd, Guangxi translation services limited liability company, Guangxi Information Service Co. Ltd., sina Guangxi International Business Vocational College is responsible for Co.



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