15 days to menstruation what are the reasons for female health network


2, gynecological diseases

generally if the menstrual delay after a week of this situation we will buy early pregnancy test paper, test to see if it is caused by pregnancy. Because once pregnant, then menstruation will not stop until the end of pregnancy. So if there are fifteen days to menstruation should be immediately to the hospital for ultrasound detection related to diagnosis, see is not caused because of pregnancy, once discovered, should be promptly be nursed back to health, pay more attention to rest.

menstruation refers to the coming of a female friend, only then can the normal menstruation come, indicating their health, but there are special circumstances, such as delayed menstruation. Some friends may have encountered fifteen days of menstruation is not to delay, in the end what is the reason for this situation? We will come together to understand what is not the case for the next 15 days

15 days do not come to the cause of our simple analysis here, in general, is the two reason. Or is pregnant, or is caused by gynecological diseases caused by infection. No matter what kind of situation, we must pay attention to, after pregnancy should pay attention to maintenance of your body, if it is the opposite of gynecological diseases, must be timely treatment, prevent the deterioration of the condition brings us more serious consequences.

1, pregnancy

of course, in addition to pregnancy there is another possibility that there is a gynecological disease, once infected with gynecological diseases, then the most direct impact is caused by menstrual disorders, the most common vaginitis. May cause menstrual disorders, menstrual delay is a very common thing, this situation should go to the hospital to do the relevant gynecological examination to confirm the condition, once diagnosed with gynecological diseases, it is necessary to active treatment.

One must each month is called ?

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