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has the characteristics of the women to join the project choice for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very powerful choice. How about Otif? The choice of strength. If you are also very excited, hurry up!

in the China market any "OUDIFU energy-saving" brand stores, it is not difficult to find, the French fashion news published by the center of popular concept for the design of the origin of brand, design innovation in combination with typical oriental culture elements under the relentless effort. Brand research China market target consumer groups are demand, using the brand of international popular information and advanced technology, designed and developed specifically for the domestic market of human characteristics, occupation accomplishment and living environment, so that the rich French fashion spirit "OUDIFU" Oudi Fu "brand clothing, quickly close to the consumer’s aesthetic China taste, in the China market available to give others a warm feeling.

"OUDIFU series of clothing nostalgia movement on the market, using energy-saving" color, fabric made of French old classic design with oriental classical pattern into modern clothing texture combination of tactics, there will be thousands of years of history of the Qin Dynasty palace embroidery, decorated in trousers, skirt, and then wash water two processing, technology of the combination of Chinese and Western clothing brand throughout the whole details, the product presents a unique personality charm, talent shows itself from a number of homogeneous products. This complex embroidery washing process although make every garment cost increase of more than 150 yuan, but "OUDIFU Oudi Fu" to create the unique connotation of the dress style, close to the domestic intellectual women’s consumption concept, by consumers at home and abroad.

people can see in Shanghai Shanghai Center "OUDIFU Oudi Fu" brand shop, the urban white-collar women serve fashion casual clothing brand, the essence of western culture are skilly combined, all imported from Japan, South Korea, Europe and other places of pure natural cotton, hemp, silk and other environmental protection, comfort with rich texture of the fabric in the intellectual gray and dark gray, silver gray, out of the myriads of changes in gray, light gray, brown gray, personality is not exaggerated, are not boring. According to the temperament and accomplishment of female occupation China, "OUDIFU Oudi Fu" brand clothing in order to design functionality and comfort as the starting point, strongly emphasizes the perfect details and elegant natural characteristics, and through washing, embroidery, printing, dyeing and other two creative compound process and pure handicraft, showing the diversity of modern women fashion. "OUDIFU store more than 200 new energy-saving" summer leisurely strong lap, in freehand restrained and classic, personality and unique fashion style, vividly conveyed the wise women’s romantic fashion leisure lifestyle.

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