Shanghai has a green public account what are the benefits of


protect the environment, the whole society has been advocated, in the specific implementation process, and compare the advanced ideas of Shanghai is very good! From December 11th to December 13th, Shanghai Landscaping Administration Bureau joint service company, Alipay Chinese ant gold bank Shanghai branch, city investment group, brilliance group etc. love public welfare enterprises, held a "green account 1212 carnival". On the 12 day, in addition to the main venue in Huangpu District, the city’s other 15 areas under the green line of credit will be carried out in convertibility activities.

green account as the core of garbage classification Shanghai model has been advancing into the fourth year. To enhance the enthusiasm of the green account activity and public participation in garbage classification, Shanghai green day before the official account and ant payment service Alipay collaboration. In the future, people can have a green account holding entity card, can also use the virtual card; both can participate in the green line spot exchange accounts, can also be used for online exchange through the Internet, the future can enjoy all kinds of public products provided by the Alipay platform.

in Huangpu District the event, many people are excited to green card account and Alipay is applied for a green card account with the virtual mobile phone will be able to participate in the garbage for themselves; some people experience the green account newly opened Huangpu District exchange market integration. In addition to all kinds of goods raised in Huangpu District in addition to the market, as well as the Ant King Group donated to the various types of agricultural and sideline products market points.

the garbage points and Alipay accounts opened, is to further upgrade Internet plus green account, lay the foundation for future green channel exchange integral account. This also means that, for some busy office workers, you can also participate in the activities of the green account by phone.

what are some of the benefits of Shanghai’s green account? Through the introduction of the above we can see that for the classification of garbage disposal in time, people can get all kinds of public products provided by the Alipay platform. At the same time China bank Shanghai branch support green card in the set of account ngs integral arrived now "activities also synchronized on-line, the cardholder can use the public garbage integral door ngs to enjoy preferential benefits. In addition, the city investment group and Bailian Group to jointly support the green account in the shopping festival is like a raging fire.

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